Services and Programs of the Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization

The Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization provides numerous services to the community through its Anti-Poverty Distribution and Service Center, located at 242 Gibson Street in Fredericton. If you need assistance or you know someone who does, please contact us.

The Yard Sale Store is the flagship of the Anti-Poverty Distribution and Service Center. The Store is a unique operation which combines "charity" with commerce as a means of supporting our programs and services. FAPO will pick up donations to the Yard Sale Store and accepts donations which are delivered to the building at 242 Gibson Street, between the hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-4 on Saturday. 

Through the funds raised at the Yard Sale Store, FAPO is able to pay for the many services it provides to low-income persons in the community such as free or low-cost clothing, furniture, appliances and bedding. FAPO regularly assists families in emergency situations.

FAPO is entirely independent and does not receive government funding for any of its work in the community.
  • FAPO supports the fundraising efforts of other worthy community organizations through bulk donations to clothing fund-drives. Since August 1999, FAPO has donated thousands of tons of clothing to the New Brunswick Association for Community Living, donations which in turn support the work of that organization in providing services to disabled persons.

  • Since reorganizing in 1999, FAPO has provided free clothing, furniture, bedding, food and emergency funding to thousands of families and individuals in the Fredericton area

  • FAPO members speak publicly on matters of poverty to the media, community groups, churches, government organizations and university students.

  • FAPO supports and advocates on behalf of the poor and the marginalized in the Justice system

  • FAPO is represented on many committees and organizations seeking to improve the social condition of the poor including the Common Front For Social Justice, the SUN Network and the Community Action Group on Homelessness.

  • FAPO helped found the Fredericton Legal Advice Clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick and continues to support its work through references to the Clinic.

  • FAPO is a leading advocate of the rights of the poor and in this capacity is a vocal critic of the Province of New Brunswick's Economic Unit Policy, which discriminates against the poor on the basis of source of income.