Anti-Poverty Organization Asks Public For Help After Truck Demolished

The FAPO Truck sits in the yard of a local scrap yard
after the accident last Thursday.
The Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization (FAPO) has found itself in the unusual position of asking for the public's help after its truck was totalled in a two vehicle collision last Thursday.

Dan Weston, FAPO Coordinator, said he and a volunteer were not injured when FAPO's 1998 Chevrolet half-ton truck was hit by an oncoming vehicle at the corner of Bishop Drive and Hanwell Road. "We're very fortunate that there were no serious injuries," said Weston, adding that the other driver has taken full responsibility for the accident.

But Weston says the collision has destroyed its only means of transportation and all the organization will get from insurance is $2000.

"We've never had to ask the public for help before. All we have is $2000. We can't afford a new vehicle. I'm very worried because without a truck we cannot carry on."

The non-profit organization, which marks its 30th year of operations this year, recycles donations from those who can afford to donate to those in need. It serves mainly low-income persons, students and the working poor, including new immigrants who are trying to set up households in the city. FAPO advocates on behalf of the poor and speaks frequently in the media about policies that impact low income persons. It is entirely independent and does not receive financial assistance from any funding agency, or the municipal, provincial or federal governments.

"We're hoping that someone can help us get a decent second-hand regular cab half-ton that will pass inspection and that won't cost a fortune in maintenance in the long term," Weston said. "Otherwise, I don't know what we're going to do because our entire recycling process relies on pick and delivery. Without a vehicle, that process has come to a screeching halt."

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For further information, please contact:

Dan Weston
Coordinator Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization
506-458-9102 / 474-3476
Facebook /FAPO-Fredericton-Anti-Poverty-Organization