FAPO to receive gift of truck from O'Leary's Buick GMC on Wednesday, August 14

James West of CanadaEast takes photograph of Dan Weston, FAPO Coordinator receiving the keys
to the new used truck from O'Leary representative while Fredericton City Councillor
David Kelly looks on. August 14, 2013
The Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization (FAPO) announced today that it will receive a free used truck donated by Gerry O'Leary of O'Leary Buick GMC in Fredericton.

This it the truck that
Trius Truck Centre loaned
us for one month. Thanks to
Randy Wheaton for the
much appreciated help!
Dan Weston, FAPO Coordinator, says the non-profit organization will take ownership of the vehicle Wednesday, August 14 at 3:30 pm at the company's Hanwell Road dealership.

The donation from O'Leary Buick GMC in Fredericton comes nearly six weeks after FAPO lost its only vehicle in a traffic accident. No one was hurt in the July 3rd collision, but the organization's 1998 half ton was a complete "write off", said Weston, who co-founded the organization in 1983.

"The accident really put us in a bad spot," says Weston. "The insurance wasn't enough to buy a new vehicle and we couldn't afford to rent one either."

Weston says after 30 years working with the poor and needy in Fredericton it was one of the first times that FAPO had to ask the community for help.

Manager of O'Leary Buick GMC,
Dan Weston, FAPO Coordinator
and Fredericton City Councillor
David Kelly at the official
hand over of the truck keys.

After the organization went public it didn't take long for Fredericton City Councillor Dave Kelly to step up to the plate.

"We owe a lot to Dave Kelly," says Weston, who explains that the City Councillor immediately helped in the first few days by  organizing a temporary replacement truck from Randy Wheaton of Trius Truck Centre.

"Randy told us we could have the truck indefinitely but we knew it wasn't a permanent solution to our vehicle problem," says Weston.

"A truck is absolutely essential to our operations," says Weston. "We can't pick up and deliver donations, and we can't take waste to the landfill without a vehicle. We were really worried."

Weston says the group even considered doing crowd-funding and had received the professional assistance of  local filmmaker Kevin Matthews,  as well as Fredericton-based web-hosting company Smartypants, to launch a fundraising campaign called "Keep on Trucking".
Catherine Harrop of CBC TV
News interviews Dan Weston
FAPO Coordinator, at the
official hand over of the
truck keys.

"We were just about ready to hit the launch button on the crowd-funding website when Gerry O'Leary called and told us to stop worrying about the money because he had a used half-ton for us," Weston explained.

Weston says he was amazed by the support the organization has received from Councillor Kelly, Trius Truck Centre and O'Leary's Buick GMC.

"We have a lot of people to thank and we're very grateful for the help we received from everyone," says
Weston, "and that includes the media which helped us get our story out."

Thank You O'Leary Buick GMC in Fredericton!