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ISSUE: Waste Disposal

FAPO spends on average more than $3000 per year in waste disposal costs. This is a cost that we have to bear ourselves because we do not receive any public funding whatsoever other than what we manage to raise through the sale of recycled furniture, clothing and applicances. The “garbage” we take to the Solid Waste Commission (SWC) consists of items that have been donated to FAPO but which are in such bad shape that we cannot give them away or sell them, even at a reduced price. For example, broken and dirty furniture, mattresses with urine stains and smell, moldy bedding, electrical appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, television sets etc. In many cases, these items are knowingly dropped off at our stores after hours because the “donors” have no way to get their junk to the SWC so they just “dump” it on FAPO. This happens more times than we can count. In that sense, FAPO is providing a service to the City of Fredericton and the province of New Brunswick by bringing garbage to