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ISSUE: Waste Disposal

FAPO spends on average more than $3000 per year in waste disposal costs. This is a cost that we have to bear ourselves because we do not receive any public funding whatsoever other than what we manage to raise through the sale of recycled furniture, clothing and applicances.

The “garbage” we take to the Solid Waste Commission (SWC) consists of items that have been donated to FAPO but which are in such bad shape that we cannot give them away or sell them, even at a reduced price. For example, broken and dirty furniture, mattresses with urine stains and smell, moldy bedding, electrical appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, television sets etc. In many cases, these items are knowingly dropped off at our stores after hours because the “donors” have no way to get their junk to the SWC so they just “dump” it on FAPO. This happens more times than we can count. In that sense, FAPO is providing a service to the City of Fredericton and the province of New Brunswick by bringing garbage to …

History of the Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization

The Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization (FAPO) was founded in March, 1983. The groundwork was laid over the winter of 1982-83 by the Fredericton North and York South NDP Campaign teams left over from the October 1982 Provincial Election. Together with 54 other low income individuals, FAPO was founded and a constitution was developed and incorporated.
In 1984 FAPO applied for and received a $5000 grant from the Provincial Government to study the feasibility of a household recycling system. In early 1985 FAPO incorporated the Furniture Distribution and Service Center with a grant of $60,000 from the Provincial Government. FAPO received three more $60,000 grants from the Hatfield government for the development of the recycling system between 1985 and 1987.
The recycling system expanded rapidly. There was a virtual mountain of useful products in the community just waiting to be recycled. The system began in the basement of our ground floor office at 627 King Street in an ol…

Services and Programs of the Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization

The Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization provides numerous services to the community through its Anti-Poverty Distribution and Service Center, located at 242 Gibson Street in Fredericton. If you need assistance or you know someone who does, please contact us.
The Yard Sale Store is the flagship of the Anti-Poverty Distribution and Service Center. The Store is a unique operation which combines "charity" with commerce as a means of supporting our programs and services. FAPO will pick up donations to the Yard Sale Store and accepts donations which are delivered to the building at 242 Gibson Street, between the hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-4 on Saturday. 
Through the funds raised at the Yard Sale Store, FAPO is able to pay for the many services it provides to low-income persons in the community such as free or low-cost clothing, furniture, appliances and bedding. FAPO regularly …

How to Contact the Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization (FAPO)



MAILING ADDRESS: Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization
242 Gibson Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 1J1
Telephone: 506-458-9102
You can leave a message on our voice mail and we will return your call.

Yard Sale Store

The Yard Sale Store is FAPO's headquarters and flagship store located at 242 Gibson Street.  Everyone is welcome to come to The Yard Sale Store, rich and poor alike, we don't discriminate against our clients on teh basis of source of income because everyone likes to find treasure in someone else's give-aways.
You can find just about anything at The Yard Sale Store including :
Appliances such as stoves and fridgesMattresses and bedding Furniture such as end tables, bureaus, chairs and desks Electronics such as televisions, radios, VCRs (yes VCRs!), DVD players and stereosDishes, utensils, kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, blenders, etc.Clothing and shoesCurtains Thousands of knick-knacksAnd everything else

Welcome to the Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization Website

FAPO receives gift of truck from O'Leary Buick GMC in Fredericton The Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization (FAPO) announced today that it will receive a free used truck donated by Gerry O'Leary of O'Leary Buick GMC in Fredericton.

Dan Weston, FAPO Coordinator, says the non-profit organization will take ownership of the vehicle Wednesday, August 14 at 3:30 pm at the company's Hanwell Road dealership.

The donation from O'Leary Buick GMC in Fredericton comes nearly six weeks after FAPO lost its only vehicle in a traffic accident. No one was hurt in the July 3rd collision, but the organization's 1998 half ton was a complete "write off", said Weston, who co-founded the organization in 1983.

"The accident really put us in a bad spot," says Weston. "The insurance wasn't enough to buy a new vehicle and we couldn't afford to rent one either."

Weston says after 30 years working with the poor and needy in Fredericton it was one of …