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May 4, 2011: Impact of Budget on Poor Focus of Information Session

The Common Front for Social Justice will hold a public information session in Fredericton on the impact of the provincial budget on the 40,000 people on Income Assistance in New Brunswick.

The Fredericton event is part of a province wide tour and will be held at 7 pm, Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at The Meeting Place Church at 487 Brunswick Street.

The information session will include an analysis of the 2011-2012 provincial budget by the CFSJ, figures on the rising cost of basic needs, and actions of solidarity with regards to people on low income.

For further information please contact Melynda Jarratt, Fredericton Regional Representative for the CFSJ, at the Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization, 458-9102 or by email at

Click here to download poster in PDF or JPG format.

Daily Gleaner Editorial: We are what we eat - poor

In our view: Rising food costs are daunting for many

Published Monday April 18th, 2011

Where will the next dollar come from?

Will there be enough money for bread and butter?

What about the rent and other payments?

Will there be enough money for gas? For heat?

Who really cares for those who are at, or well below the poverty line?

The questions are genuine for a number of people in The Daily Gleaner reading audience. They're not only genuine, they are a stark reality of what it's like for some people in our community.

To worry about having enough money to get the next loaf of bread, tray of hamburger or jug of milk places those people in a category where many were during the Great Depression.

The situation is no laughing matter. It's a tragedy for which there is no quick, long-term solution.

Local officials and anti-poverty advocates are pointing to rising gasoline and food prices.

Prices for these basic commodities …