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Air New Zealand Coldest Canadian Contest Sheds Light on Canada's Poor

(Fredericton, NB - February 15, 2011) - We suppose Air New Zealand's marketing department thought that by announcing the "Coldest Canadian" video contest and offering a free trip to tropical New Zealand that they'd receive a blizzard of submissions from sun starved Canadians: and one look at the dozens of videos on their website proves we are right.

But the Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization has a different angle on the Air New Zealand contest that we hope will raise awareness of the alarming epidemic of homelessness and hunger across Canada.

Who are the "Coldest Canadians"?

Surely, they are the homeless who line our streets in the middle of winter, begging for change and lining up for a hot meal at community kitchens across Canada.

Surely they are the single parent families on social assistance who have to decide between paying the rent, "heating or eating" as the cost of energy skyrockets through the roof.

Surely, they are the working poor, whose minimum wage pay keeps them impoverished year round because it takes the spring, summer and fall to pay off the huge power bills they couldn't afford to pay in the winter.

So with only 11 days left to submit your video, the Fredericton Anti Poverty Organization encourages Canadians who care about homelessness and hunger to show Air New Zealand who the "Coldest Canadians" really are! The poorest of the poor in Canada: the homeless, the near homeless and the working poor whose struggle to keep warm in our Canadian winters should earn them the prize of "Coldest Canadian" hands down.

- 30 -

For more information, contact:
Dan Weston, Coordinator
Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization

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